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We do Benefits

We provide the best affordable Health Insurance for our clients. Our Brokerage specializes in Health Insurance (Individual and Business) and offers reputable carriers like Blue Shield and Aflac.  


Owen Rose Benefits continues to have an intentional focus on Benefits. Our specialization for Benefits has led to unique abilities to help service clients in multiple states. When it comes to Benefits, Owen Rose Benefits knows how to achieve solutions for Businesses and Individuals.

Employee Benefits

Offering Employee Benefits is an important part of a successful workplace. Employee Benefits can help to ensure that employees feel valued and appreciated, leading to increased morale, motivation, and productivity. Benefits can also help to attract and retain top talent, as well as improve employee loyalty and commitment. Additionally, offering benefits can help to create a positive work environment where employees feel both respected and supported.

Individual / Family Benefits

Having adequate health insurance coverage is important for individuals and families as it helps to cover the costs of medical care that may be required. This coverage can help to protect people from financial hardship due to unanticipated medical bills or expenses. It also helps to ensure that individuals and families have access to quality healthcare services when needed. Health insurance coverage is also important for preventive care, which can help to maintain good health and wellbeing. Therefore, having adequate health insurance coverage is essential for individuals and families to stay healthy and financially secure.

At Owen Rose Benefits, we understand that health insurance is only one facet of providing your employees with the best possible benefits package. We provide additional services beyond health insurance to ensure that you are well taken care of. Our professional team of experts can help you with plan design, enrollment and termination support, employee benefit options templates, renewal support, cafeteria plan consultation, network analysis, COBRA consulting, and Insurance Education. We are committed to delivering the highest quality of service and ensuring that you are well taken care of.