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Business Health Insurance Administration

Plan Design

We partner with leading software companies to offer employers a concise way to view their options for employee benefits.

Enrollment and Termination Support

We off several convenient ways to enroll or terminate members giving you options for what works best for you:


  • Paper
  • DocuSign
  • Online Enrollment

Employee Benefit Private Web Page

Employers who use our custom Private Web Pages see an increase in their Employee’s understanding their benefits.

Password is: privatepage

Business Health Insurance Admin Services

Owen Rose Benefits partners with Maverick Premium Administration to offer Business Health Insurance Administration Services free of charge to our clients.

POP Plans

The Premium Only Plan (POP) provides employers and their employees with advantageous tax incentives! An employer can offer their employees a tax-favored option while also reducing their payroll taxes. A POP plan is not creating new benefits; rather, in accordance with IRS Section 125, it allows employees to pay for specified employee benefits with pre-tax dollars. 

COBRA or State Continuation Coverage

The COBRA law mandates employers with 20 or more employees to extend group health coverage to former employees and their families. This offering provided by Maverick Premium Administration serves to safeguard employers from any potential legal complications due to the refusal of coverage. Furthermore, state continuation coverage (mini-COBRA) guarantees a seamless transition of care by enabling employees to keep the same health coverage prior to a qualifying event such as job loss. This coverage lessens the financial burden and hassle of a health care void, and is specifically tailored to assist employees of employers with less than 20 employees.

Premium Remitting and Collecting

Premium Remitting and Collecting services involve the transfer of funds from one entity or individual to another through a thirdparty servicer, such as Maverick Premium Administration. Employers may find these services advantageous in providing voluntary benefits to a collective group of 1099 independent contractors, or when offering a benefit to employees without requiring payroll deductions.